The Dream

A year ago, I got a call from an old college roommate. She explained to me that there was an opening at the private school her daughter attended. She insisted I would be perfect for it. It was a dream job. We would be a separate entity from the school in charge of electives and summer camps. For the next four weeks my two eldest and I put together all of our experience, and all of our resources and came up with an idea that would ultimately change the way we see and experience education today. What we felt was needed was a resource center for families. A place where a newborn and a great grandma could both be free to experience learning. Not a place for lectures, and rote learning, but a place to experience learning in a fun and free way. We wanted to create a place where mommies could rent or buy inexpensive projects, and do-togethers that their little ones were interested in that day. We believe that a well educated little one is not only happy, but also well behaved. When their curiosity is honored, they are kinder and more fun to be around. We also wanted the teens to have a chance to mentor, younger children and to help the elderly and disabled. We wanted a place for the mothers to get a chance to further their education, increase their talents, and fill their, often empty, cups. We wanted a place where dads and children could work together on projects that would be uplifting and enjoyable. We imagined it to be something like a gym only for the mind and instead of building muscle, one  would build relationships.

Four weeks after the phone call we were on a plane, headed to the interview. I got the job, and bonus, my teen daughter became the first teenage teacher in the history of the school. Before we left, we put a down payment on a house, flew home and within a week we packed everything we owned and moved from Arizona to Utah. Cheyenne Lynnae began teaching ages six through eleven that Monday. A short time later, the owner pulled the rug out from under us. They were upside down on the facilities and, just like that, we were out of a job. We had finalized and organized the whole program and we had figured out all the logistics, just in time.

The dream is still alive in all of us. We want to make a contribution that will help teachers, homeschoolers, and families reach their educational potential. We have the outline, the plans, the methods, the resources,  and the desire…now we are praying for facilities.

Our Staff
Dad: Self Defense & Constitutional Studies
Dad is a hardworking, father dedicated to his family. His superpower is his ability to create peace while at the same time being fully capable of defending his family, his freedom and his religion, by all means necessary. His focus in creating a better community is in Gun Safety Training, Self Defense, and Constitutional studies. He believes that having a better understanding of the Constitution and what our forefathers meant by it, will help keep us all free. At the same time, he believes that we should all be spiritually and physically prepared to defend our freedom.

Mom: Calling Consultant & Young Learners Specialist
Mom got her BS Degree in Youth Leadership and Recreation Management. Her super power is her ability to make everything fun. She believes that fun is the optimal learning condition. Her focus in creating a better community is religion. She believes, throughout history, great nations were grounded in an abiding love for God and country.

Cheyenne Lynnae – Artistic Director, Alternative Education Consultant
Cheyenne is a recent homeschool graduate, dedicated to the arts. She is exceptional in the areas of dance and the written word. Her super power is her ability to go with the flow, share joy, and create peace.  She believes that liberty, joy and peace are the optimal conditions for the creation process. Her focus for creating a better community is the arts. She has found that the arts play a significant role in the success of nations throughout history. She is also deeply involved in consulting families and youth in finding autonomy, mastery and purpose in their education.

Jackson – Self Sufficiency Instructor, Funology Coach
Jackson received his Eagle Scout award when he was 13. Today, he is still fascinated by learning survival skills. His super power is his ability to be happy and have fun in any given situation. His whole world could be falling apart and he is still content, having fun, learning, and lighting the room with his sense of humor. His contribution to creating a better community is in Self-Sufficiency. He believes that self sufficiency creates freedom, hope, innovation, and wealth within a community.

Our Philosophy

Here, at G3 Family Academy, we believe that everyone is learning something at all times. Even as we sleep, we are processing our day and making some sense of it. And in the early morning hours, as we are just waking, we can receive important revelation from Heavenly Father. A baby inside the mother’s womb is listening and learning language and gaining understanding at rapid speeds that will help them in their life after birth. We want help parents be involved in this learning process, by being actively engaged in providing their children with wholesome material, in a loving, interactive, hands on, easy, daily life sort of way.

When we begin with the end in mind, we can better understand what a child must be really good at as an adult, to be successful in daily life. More than anything, I want my child to be able to make decisions that will make them happy. In order to do that, they need to be able to read God’s word, record their successes and failures and be able to manage essential resources. So here, at G3 Family Academy we focus on reading for scripture study, writing for record keeping and family history, and math for resource management. Reading and applying God’s word, learning from our mistakes and being able to manage important resources like time and money are all essential to good decision making skills.


Here are some links to the people and concepts that have inspired in us this deeply embedded desire to contribute:


 Dr Doman’s philosophy on human potential

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The Teenage Liberation Handbook

The 5000 year leap


We will continue to create products and methods that we will be sharing here at G3 Family Academy. And we hope that you will grow with us and learn with us, as we do so.

Thank You for Visiting.










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